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DJ Run – Part 3

1936 Harley Davidson DL 1200 Harley Bike Week 2013 is upon us and it seems appropriate to feature the American made motorcycles which entered this year’s Johannesburg to Durban run. The commemorative DJ Run has always attracted a small percentage of American entries, mainly Harleys, in comparison to the British and European manufacturers. I was […]

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Flying Brick

Heritage can be defined as something inherited from the past. It is a mixture of history and uniqueness. When it comes to products with heritage, prospective customers buy the product expecting to own a small piece of this heritage. A motor vehicle’s heritage is normally determined by an outstanding feature which over many, many years […]

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Bombshell Bonnie

When I first got into the vintage motorcycle scene, it was suprising to find out how many pilots owned and rode old motorcycles. Flying a Jumbo jet all over the world or performing impossible manoeuvres in a Pitts Special with South Africa’s elite stunt flying team are far removed from riding a basic vintage motorcycle […]

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DJ Run – Part 2

The first part of our feature on the 2013 centenary of the 1913 Johannesburg to Durban Race focussed on the 1930s British made motorcycle entries. This time we will have a look at the German made machines of the same era that entered this event. I am personally a great fan of the British motorcycles […]

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Brat CX500

When the Honda CX500 model hit South African shores in the late 1970s, she was obviously not going to win any beauty pageants. She wasn’t ugly, just unusual in an unpleasant sort of way.This was Honda’s first ever production V twin and she had water cooling and shaft drive. Like the Moto Guzzis, the CX500 […]

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BSA Rocket 3

Ask most motorcyclists what the ultimate Triumph model of the 1960s was and the answer will be the Bonneville. Ask them what they thought of the Triumph Trident or it’s sister machine, the BSA Rocket 3 and they probably won’t know what you are talking about. The sad truth is that, due to bad timing […]

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Suzuki GS 450 Racer

This featured motorcycle is what finally turned talk into action and resulted in Retro Write Up’s existence. We often spoke about the lack of international visibility of South African built custom motorcycles and how we should do something to rectify the matter. Talk is cheap over a few beers. In October 2012 this motorcycle was […]

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DJ Run- Part 1

1930 AJS R10 500cc In March 1913 the first Johannesburg to Durban motorcycle race took place over three days and three stages. The winner’s total time of 12h45m, on a 544cc Bradbury, is amazing as the whole route was on open public dirt roads and included stopping to open and close farm gates! These machines […]

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Old school Evo chopper

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” When Newton proposed his third law of motion over 400 years ago, it aimed at explaining forces on physical objects. I have found that this law also applies to human spirit. Every trend, fashion, viewpoint, belief or action seems to result in an opposite trend, […]

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